Making a Mala specific to a personal intention for growth and renewal is a process I feel humbled to do.  I am always aware that the Mala itself is gift from our teachers from many thousands of years ago and I am merely bringing this teaching into life today and do so with the utmost respect. 

With this in mind my process is for creating this sacred piece specific to you requires a little help from you.  Firsty, I like to ask you a colour that first comes to mind - be honest here, avoid allowing your mind to pick favourites.  Secondly, please share with me an emotion(s) you would like amplified.  I welcome any further information you eel comfortable sharing (health issues, chakras etc.).

I use the highest quality gemstones I can source alongside fragrant sandalwood, light rosewood or dark rosewood.  Rudraksha beads are also incorporated. 

Personalised Malas are $150AUD + P&H and take approximately 2-4 weeks.

To order your Mala please click HERE.