• Image of Sacred Feminine Wrist Mala

“A woman in harmony with her spirit
is like a river flowing.
She goes where she will without pretense
and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself,
and only herself.”
- Maya Angelou

A combination of 21 beads: Sunstone, Moonstone, Clear Quartz, Sterling Silver and Fragrant Sandalwood combine to create this wrist Mala.

Sunstone: Sunstone, the stone of Joy and Abundance, encourages nurturing of the Self to serve others - the discipline of Karma Yoga. The red and brown shades of Sunstone activate Muladhara Chakra where spiritual energy is manifested in the form of security and sense of one’s own power, amplifying independence and leadership; When balanced there is a deep understanding of the ebb and flow of nature. The gold and orange shades of Sunstone identify with Swadhisthana
Chakra: 'Gut' feelings, intuition, and other “non-linear” communication comes from this chakra; When balanced you are graceful - generously giving and receiving of feelings and emotions.

Moonstone is balancing, introspective and lunar; relating to ‘new beginning’s and the notion that each ‘beginning’ dawns after an ‘end’, it helps ones to recognise ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ - the waxing and waning of life's changing cycles with grace. This is a stone to gain insight through intuition rather than intellectual reasoning. It alleviates emotional tension and enhances creativity and self expression.

Clear Quartz is said to bring the energy of the stars to the soul; used to amplify both energy and thoughts whilst assisting to create balance to maintain clarity and effectiveness. Recognised as the ‘stone of power', its tendency is always directed towards harmony. Vibrating with all chakras, it provides purification; it enables one to identify and clear negativity associated with perceptions and judgments.