• Image of Transform-ation Mantra Mala
  • Image of Transform-ation Mantra Mala
  • Image of Transform-ation Mantra Mala
  • Image of Transform-ation Mantra Mala
  • Image of Transform-ation Mantra Mala

To assist in removing the veil of Avidyā - ignorance.

Sutra 11.5 : अनित्याशुचिदुःखानात्मसु नित्यशुचिसुखात्मख्यातिरविद्या
anityā-aśuci-duḥkha-anātmasu nitya-śuci-sukha-ātmakhyātir-avidyā

"Ignorance is the notion that takes the self, which is joyful, pure, and eternal, to be the nonself, which is painful, unclean, and temporary." - Edwin F. Bryant

"One who regards objects, whether animate or inanimate, as part of one's self, rejoicing when these things prosper, and lamenting upon their demise, is deluded" - Vyāsa from the Sānkhya tradition

Aquamarine is ‘the stone of courage’; the flowing energy of this stone provides for rapid assimilation of knowledge concerning the reality to which one has been actualised; clearing Vishuddhi Chakra, it brings communication from a higher plane. Aquamarine emits a gentle
compassionate energy, calming the mind and allowing underlying emotional states to be understood.

Labradorite, symbolising both the moon and the sun - helping one to advance through the cycles of life whilst providing amplification of the sense of ‘self’ during these transitions - providing discernment in the direction of movement. Regarded as the stone of ‘magic’ it assists with the limiting aspects of familiarity, allowing originality in transforming thought patterns without self judgement, it allows for the recognition that humanity represents the ‘being of light’, providing comforting recognition that the ‘light’ always surrounds us. Further, patience and peace is fortified with an inner knowing of the ‘right time’.

Onyx is a centering, aligning, grounding stone providing support to access our higher self and is particularly useful during times of emotional and physical stress; onyx assists in moving forward, imparting personal strength allowing you to facilitate your own destiny. Stimulating wise decision making it amplifies abundance. Onyx also reveals the duality of ones nature - the ‘yin and yang’
that creates the whole.
This Mala has been handmade by me - the gemstones have been strung alongside fragrant Sandalwood and Rudraksha beads; it also includes a moveable knot so the tautness of the Mala may be adjusted according to your personal desire for meditation.